5 instagram! “Beauty Bloggers” ♥

        Before we start to give any tips about the beauty, let’s begin with the celeb beauty bloggers’s instagram that women should follow! Each of them have their own perspectibe and style that different from each others.

  1. @icovetthee2806-600x378This girl is the most useful instagram to follow as everyone have said that if follow this girl you will won’t regret. As her instagram is full of the good techniques of applying the make up also her instagram are all the same tone which it attracted people to see.
  2. @kathleenlights2794-600x378This girl is actually a youtuber who do a make up tutorial on the youtube. But she also have instagram to be easily explain how to apply the makeup and review the make up tools.
  3. @mallory17122822-600x378Natural look , nude look can wear in the daily basis. This girl are the expert in this way as she will teach and tell you about which product will make you look chic and beauty. So go and check her instagram!
  4. @jessicarose_makeup2826-600x378Do you have any classy event coming up. If have this girl will be definitely the perfect choice for you to go and check it! All of her look are stunning and classy.
  5. @keikolynnBeautyInstagramstoFollow_500x500_07If you are the person who are always lively and obsession in red lipstick. This girl are the same as i describe. She will teach you to apply the make up to suit your personality. Also most of the man like this kind of girl.

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