5 Lipsticks Looks!

Hi guys, today im gonna show you 5 lipsticks look that you can choose to make your everyday make up be different. Do you know that lipsticks color help is also the main thing that make the face look different, each color will have their own style.

  1.  The first lips look is a nude lipstick. Nude lips also make people look sultry and innocent.
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 04: Cara Delevingne attends the UK Premiere of Anna Karenina on September 4, 2012 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images)

Tips: Find your perfect nude by matching the center color of your lips. Also a a dab of gloss to make lips even more alluring.

2.   An orange is fun and unexpected. This color it said that if you would like to try new thing and that you comfortable with your skin. The great thing about orange lipstick is that it’s warm and right with everyone skin town. You just have to find the right one! An orange lips is look great with simple make up looks


Tips: Accompany with bronzer to enhance the tropical vibe. Orange lips are JUICY, TROPICAL, AND INSTANTLY COOL.

         3.  Nothing as romance like a hot red lips. It both audacious and sexy. The most favorite lips color of all time.


Tips: Red lips are classically sexy. They make your teeth look whiter.

4.  Sometime we all wants to look a little dreamy and romantic. And nothings as BOHO dreamy romantic more than the perfect “Plumy lips” It’s going to be a very popular color in this spring and summer.


Tips: Glosses and sheer formulas can hydrate and make your lips kissable!

5.  On to a FINAL looks a dark berry look is bold. It can be rebellious and romantic as the same time. And it PERFECT for a DATE!! or when ever you want to show up your inner bad role.


Tips: Vamp it up! use a lip brush to keep the application clean and precise.




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