Practical makeup techniques for rainy days

With rain season right around the corner, you might curious what look or makeup that you might where on this season. Today StreetBeautyChic will provide the incredible techniques for rainy days! You know that if you use the general make up they might have the opportunity to melt it down and make your face look mess and this will ruin your day. But with our technique you will know the method to fight with the rain and the rain will cannot do anything on you. So girls, are you ready to examine my makeup techniques for rainy days that can truly make your day to be the perfect day that every other cannot do! Let’s check it!

  1. Tinted moistureTintedMoisturizer2

The most important thing that you should beware before you need to deal with rain is your foundation need to be a waterproof. In my perception, from what i have used and the one i prefer is all about the tinted moisturiser  This is very worth it as you just need only a thin of the moisturiser  just that you can go anywhere that have rai because it will last long than the general foundation.

2. Waterproof mascaraMascara1Have you ever seen the mascara melt, it look very ugly yes? Definitely YES!! When it come to water and mascara you will have the imagination picture when it melt and will a piece of black around your eyes which it not beautiful face when you are outside. Therefore, waterproof mascara is a MUST item that you should where in this rainy day. So if you want you lashes to still look stunning before using the mascara check it first that it is a waterproof!

3. Cream brushThe-Best-Cream-Blushes

Girls, cream brush is also the must item. Do you want to look like a zombie? Cream brush will make your face look cute and healthy. Even though powder brush is good but it not last long in the rainy day. Therefore cream brush is a life saver for every women because its gonna stick for a long time and will make your face look pretty!

4. High quality lipstick maccolourcraftlipstick

If you want your lips to have the color all day and always look fresh just investing a high quality of lipstick such as MAC. They also have lot of shade of lipstick and their quality is perfect.

5. Primerskin-primer

Ladies, another makeup technique for rainy days all circulate around primer. Makeup primer also a lifesaver and will make your  ake up stay where it be. tinted moisturiser will make the make up stay long but primer will make the tinted moisturiser stays on and it’s not gonna melt!

6. Moisturising mask at night-79pt

From we have wear a make up everyday we should have sometime make our face relax and rest. Mask is a very easy way to do as you just need to put on a mask like 15-20 min before bed and the result is look face will look fresh and clear.

Thank you. StreetBeautyChic.


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