10 makeup tips that every women should know!

Hey all lovelyy!~

As everyday we have put on make up, do you really know that the way you put on make up everyday is the right way? Today we going to solve this question by telling all the tips about make up!


Do you know why the eyeshadow always disappear or sometime your eyes look oily because you have put the concealer on your eyes! so beware don’t put concealer on your eyes.


Do you want the completely coverage spot on your face? So use the finger to apply slowly and use a brush after to ensure it cover and smooth.


There are the concept to apply the powder which mostly are T-zone. The spot that you need to is the one that shine out like your nose, forehead and then slight put the powder on cheek and other space.


Bronzer is the tool that will make your face look smaller. The spot that you should put on the bronzer are neck, face, and chest.


Before put on the brush you need to smile it first. Do you know that the way to put on the brush you ned to know your face shape first because each of the shape are suit different brush style.


Always shave the eyebrow to be in a perfect shape so it will easy to write and put on the color.


When you put on the lipstick beware that it not come out of the inner corner of the lips.


The basic thing of eye shadow that you need to know is you need to put on the light one that don’t have any shimmer first then dark color.


There are many style of eyeliner. Things that you need to beware of eyeliner is you need to write eyeliner both eyes to be the same and need to wait it to dry first because if not it gonna be mess.


Thank You



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