♡The Perfect Fall Fashion Trend for Your Zodiac Sign♡

When the mall is filled with so many cute new trends (fringe! flare jeans! mod booties!), it can be tough to figure out where to spend your hard-earned babysitting money. You turn to your horoscope for insight into your love life, friendship, and school, so why not look to the stars for style guidance, too?

LIBRA: Victorian Blouse


​Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so this trend is tailor-made for your romantic side. Channel the femme, regal vibe of the Victorian era in high-necked blouses with ruffles, frills, bows, and buttons.



Flirty and confident, just like you, fringe trim along the bottom of your skirt or shirt draws attention while still keeping you covered up in chilly fall weather. The boho embellishment is a fun way to get in on the ’70s trend that’s big for fall. The era was full of intensity and passion, also making it a perf fit for your personality.

SAGITTARIUS:  Leather Pants


Sagittarians are natural explorers who love to try new things, so if anyone can pull off this bold look, it’s you! Leather pants make a statement but are easy to move in when you’re running off to your next adventure. Update the style with exposed zippers or studs for a super edgy look.  Every sign is assigned to a different body part, and Sagittarius is associated with the legs and hips, so this cool trend puts a spotlight on your lower body and flatters every body type.

CAPRICORN: Sleeveless Blazer


You’re born to be a total boss! Capricorns are ambitious, serious, and have killer work ethics. A sleeveless blazer gives you major #girlboss style without looking stuffy. Toss it over a long-sleeve top with jeans or a polished dress and you’ll be polished enough to run from school to your internship or after-school job (since you’re too busy with extra-curriculars to go home and change!).

AQUARIUS: Printed Pants 


You march to the beat of your own drum and don’t mind standing out from the crowd, so bring on the wild patterns — you know no one else at school will be wearing the exact same outfit. The most right-now way to rock prints is with another big fall trend — flares. You can’t stand feeling constrained or boxed in, so the roomy style gives your frame some breathing room and looks super chic.

PISCES: Boho Maxi Dress


As a Pisces girl, you’re a big dreamer, and you’re constantly coming up with new ways to express your creative side — whether it’s writing new One Direction fanfic or taking a graphic design class after school. A breezy maxi dress in fall’s boho prints not only appeals to your artsy side, but it also draws attention to your cute shoes. Pisces is associated with feet, so it makes sense you’re a total shoe girl!

ARIES: Culottes


You’re a natural-born leader and Aries is the sign of the warrior, and the wide-legged, cropped pants feel like a cool throwback to Roman soldiers. Think of the fashion-forward style as the style armor you need to get through the day. They’re breezy, so you can run from class to study group at the library to your babysitting gig, no problem, and professional enough to give you confidence when you’re leading a student council or sorority chapter meeting.

TAURUS: Suede Loafers


You’re all about classic styles and looking put-together, but you’d never want to sacrifice comfort. Taurus girls are homebodies who love gravitate toward comfy, easy to wear styles, so loafers will be your best friend this season. The suede looks ultra luxe and makes any outfit look more put-together, but they’re just as comfy as your fave slippers.  Comfortable + practical + stylish = the only shoe a Taurus needs for school, the weekend, and everything in between.

GEMINI: Cold-Shoulder Top


You’re a quick thinker and your brain is constantly on the move from one thought to the next, which means you’re all about trying the newest trend. This fall, it’s all about showing some shoulder, so trade your summery crop tops for cold-shoulder tops for fall. You’re a social butterfly, and this trend because it’s perfect for parties. Wear it to the next birthday bash or backyard bonfire party and watch the compliments roll in!

CANCER: Chunky Sweater 


Cancer’s symbol is a crab, and the similarities run deep: Like a crab, you have a tough exterior, but you’re a total softie on the inside. A chunky knit offers a protective shell against chilly fall weather, but the cozy fabric in a softer hue fits your sweet side too.

LEO: Statement Earrings 


Leo is ruled by the sun, and just like the sun, everything and everyone orbits around you! You love being the center of attention, so you have the confidence to pull off flashy statement earrings. Sun colors like gold and orange suit you best, so opt for a pair in those fiery hues for maximum effect.

VIRGO: Button-Front Denim Skirt


The sign Virgo and the planet Jupiter are both symbolized by blue, so when Jupiter crosses into Virgo this fall, any shade of sapphire, sky, or navy will make your skin glow. That means denim will get extra mileage in your wardrobe, so it’s the perf time to give one of fall’s biggest denim trend a try — the button-front skirt. This pretty-but-practical style appeals to your sensible side, and the buttons bring the classic staple into 2015.

Thank youu. StreetBeautyChic.


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